Europe Middle East Trading Advisor Company is a new company established upon a 20 years of experiences in Europe and Turkey in trading business.

As world is more and more connected, our company policy is to extend the same or even more flexible level of services that were once available only to large companies and corporations, to medium and small manufacturers, resellers and companies in Europe and Middle East, saving them time and money with selling and offering their products and services to markets they never thought possible.

EMETAC works in two basic ways, one way is for manufacturers to find them new customers and new markets for their products, the other way is that we seek for special special products demanded and/or requested by our clients.

With two locations, one in Ljubljana, Europe and the other one in Istanbul, Turkey, we are able to offer fast communication with markets near us, also both countries offers perfect strategic location due to existing road, train and also the most important sea port connections (Luka Koper in Slovenia, ports in Turkey).

For any more information about our services we would be glad if you contact us, you can use our mail address below or use contact form.

Contacts EMETAC


Uros Zavrl
Biro 46 d.o.o.,
Jaksiceva 2
1000 Ljubljana - Slovenia
Tel/fax: +386 1 4366895
Mobile: +386 41 835433
Email: uros@emetac.eu


Harun Gercekci
Tatlısu mh Akif İnan Sok.No:29 d.5
34774 Ümraniye/İstanbul-Turkey
Tel/fax: +90 216 4996448
Mobile: +90 555 4349497
Email: harun@emetac.eu